Kemah Waterfront Home Now Out Of Harms Way

After receiving approval for the FEMA home elevation grant as a result of Hurricane Ike, we selected Arkitektura as our contractor. From our first meeting throughout our home elevation, the team at Arkitektura was responsible, professional and diligent in their work.


Our permits were issued in late December 2015 and even with lost days due to winter storms they finished our home elevation and final walk-throughs within the 120 estimated time for completion.


As an older waterfront property, our home was already elevated when built in the 1960’s. However, over the years and as a result of Hurricane Ike the original wooden pilings were severely compromised. As a result we had significant settling of our home and rot occurring in our pilings. The grant allowed Arkitektura to not only lift our home and replace our wooden pilings with new concrete piers and pilings but it also allowed us to elevate our home from the previous 13.5’ elevation requirement to the current 15.5’ elevation code. Not only is our home now much more stable, we have also increased its value as it is now 100% to current code.


For anyone considering applying for an elevation grant, we highly encourage them to do it and to hire Arkitektura as their contractor.





Gwen D. Griffin

Kemah, Texas







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