Helping Finish What Was Started

This past year one of the approved FEMA SRL Program contractors went out of business, suffering financial issues in which they were forced to leave several homes unfinished. Arkitektura was contacted by the bond company that was overseeing the finishing of the homes. We were chosen by the bond company to finish 4 high profile elevations in the Nassau Bay community. One of those homes belongs to the former Mayor of Nassau Bay, Mr. Donald Matter. His home was elevated by the other contractor and then left sitting for almost a full year. His property was left in ruin which was a heavy burden for him and his lovely wife to bear. We stepped in and got their home finished in record time. He had this to say about the experience……




It is a pleasure and relief to have your firm completing the elevation process of my house. As the former Mayor of Nassau Bay, I have seen come contractors take forever to complete a house, or in my case, go out of business leaving my house literally, high and dry, requiring bond intervention to finally get you folks on the job. Having experienced this whole process with the FEMA grant elevation, I almost feel obligated to write a book on the issues that pop up.
Once your firm got the approval there has been continued progress, and I must say they work quickly to get the job done without sacrificing quality. I am pleased with your firm to say the least, I wish you folks would have applied to the Nassau Bay RFQ from the beginning. As you know 5 were approved, 2 dropped out and one went out of business. I was delighted to see Nassau Bay City Council approve Arkitektura to complete construction of the four houses abandoned by a failed contractor. I highly supported your approval, after seeing the completed house elevated in Polly Ranch.
I would highly recommend your firm to any organization looking to have houses elevated. One very important issue any organization should look for is financial security and so far you folks have been rock solid. You have a seasoned crew that work well together. Keep things moving, not wasting time, or resources.
Thanks for your continued effort in finishing my house and those of my 3 neighbors.
Donald C. Matter

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