Happy To Have Their House Elevated

For those of you who have experienced flooding and are considering taking advantage of an opportunity for a grant to have your home elevated, we would wholeheartedly recommend Ryan and the staff from Arkitekura.

We now enjoy worry-free rain and storm episodes that previously involved major moving and cleanup of our home and belongings. We also enjoy the added recreational space below our home. Arkitekura saw to all the finished details that made our dream home a reality. Arkitekura has been the most professional contractor we have dealt with since moving to the Gulf Coast. That says a great deal since we have overseen several building projects here and are in the building maintenance profession.

We also enjoyed the added benefit of having our flood insurance rates reduced by approximately 50%. We feel that the grant program and Arkitekura’s expertise have been a blessing to our lives and would hope others would choose to improve their lifestyles as well.

Dan and Joy
Galveston, Texas

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