Everyone Told Her It Couldn’t Be Done

Below is a letter from one of our favorite homeowners. Arkitektura took on this project with full confidence that we could elevate her home. Many other contractors told her it couldn’t be done yet Ark was the lone contractor that was up to the task. The structural elevation industry is a tough one and the simple fact is that not every contractor has the experience or know how to elevate every project. Our company loves the challenge! From low lifts of 3 feet to high rises of 18 feet, we can lift it!
Dear Sirs,
I have a 2nd home in San Leon, (1309 8th Street) that qualified for the Severe Repetitive Loss program and I wanted to share with you and the other stakeholders involved in the SRL program in Galveston County, that I had a tremendously positive experience with the elevation process. The contractor that we selected was Arkitektura Development Inc., owner Phillip Contreras. I understand that there were many difficulties in getting the SRL program moving in Galveston County so I thought it very important that you all know how professional Phillip, and his team were in handling my project. It was amazing to watch the team of highly experienced elevation specialist raise our two story structure. Having to address a less than ideal slab, and being told by other contractors that the slab could not be raised. Arkitektura, with its years of experience, was confident that they could raise the slab intact. And the Arkitektura team held true to their word and elevated our house with accuracy and precision.
Phillip kept in constant contact with me, keeping me apprised of all that was happening. The preparation in the elevating the house was incredible, and the actual lifting was flawless, truly remarkable to witness. I invite of you out to see the fantastic job this team did at our bayhouse. I am so impressed with the work this crew did that I have recommended the Arkitektura team to others in the program.
So thank you Judge Henry and Commissioners for Galveston County’s participation in the SRL program and to Arkitektura Development Inc., my deepest gratitude to you, Phillip Contreras and his team for an outstanding job.
Julie Masters
City of Dickinson

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