If You Are Gonna Elevate, Do It With Style

As a company, it is paramount to bring our customers vision to life. From choosing a particular split faced block to the decks and stairs layout, our attention to these details has set us apart from our competitors. This is one of our current projects in Seguin that is close to completion. The homeowner wanted the treated wood stairs but a wire rail look. They are extremely happy with how it turned out.


Know Your Contractor

Yesterday afternoon we got some scary news from Jersey Village. A homeowner had hired a foundation company to come in and elevate their home out of the flood zone. During the elevation the home started to shift and a section of the property collapsed. There was one employee under the home at the time and he was lucky to make it out with minor injuries. Luckily, no one else was injured during the incident. The unfortunate part of the situation is that the home is now considered a total loss. It will need to be demolished and rebuilt.



There are many companies out there that claim to be experts at elevating homes. Here at Arkitektura, we urge our customers to do their homework when choosing a contractor. Look them up. Check their references. Make sure you look at their entire body of previous work. Some homeowners fall in love the cheapest price possible but when it comes to your home, it should be quality of work over cost. There are definitely some great companies out there but here at Ark we pride ourselves on being experts in the industry because of our experienced crew, cutting edge technology and best finished product in the industry.

Houston Meet and Greet

Last night our company attended the 2015 Houston FEMA Grant Program Meet and Greet. Arkitektura was among 6 of the selected contractors who will be elevating the homes which have qualified for the program. We met with all of the amazing homeowners who all seem eager to get the process underway. Over the next few weeks we will be working rigorously to get our bids in for the first round of 10 homes. We are confident that this program will be success. Arkitektura has excelled in every grant program that we have been a part of. We are excited for what this year will bring.

View from Down Under

When we elevate a home, most are consumed with the actual raising of the structure. It is very rare for anyone but the crew to see what happens way down in the tunnels that we have dug. It is a completely different world down there. We are fortunate to have the hardest working crew in the business. Without these amazing guys, we would not be successful!


IMG_9944 (2)

Houston Grant Meeting

When you are accepting into a FEMA SRL grant program, there is always a meeting that the county will host. The meeting will give you a lot information on what to expect in the coming months. The below video is of the 2015 Houston grant.



Ark has elevated hundreds of homes and we can say with certainty that no project is the same. Each home presents a new challenge which we are always eager to take on. We offer a turnkey service in which a homeowner has the ability to customize each and every detail. One of the more common such customizations are the stairs and decks. Some homeowner like the look of a simple deck and stairs while other prefer a more elaborate aesthetically pleasing option. Here are a few samples a from some of our recent finished projects.


We Are Here To Help Houston

It has been a great start to the 2017 for our company. Our goal has been to grow and branch out into new areas. We started and completed our first few projects in the Guadalupe County Grant Program with rave reviews. Over the past few months we have successfully elevated 6 homes in the community of Meyerland. In addition, we have 5 more homes under contract to be elevated.

Arkitektura is also extremely proud to announce its acceptance into the upcoming 2015 Houston FEMA Grant Program. We look forward to meeting and helping all of the eligible homeowners. Its going to be an amazing year. 



In The News

Being successful in every FEMA grant program definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. The owner of our company was interviewed by the ABC 13 Houston local news. Houston wanted to see how these flooded homes were being saved and they chose Arkitektura as the featured contractor.


Phillip Interview

From Then To Now

The owner of our company, Phillip Contreras has been in the construction industry for over 25 years. What a ride it has been for a kid from Corpus Christi who now runs one of the top elevation companies in the nation. As a young builder, he worked day and many sleepless nights perfecting his craft. His goal was simple, to deliver only the best finished product to his customers. By applying these hard working traits that he learned from his parents, he has set himself apart from his competitors. Everyone here at Arkitektura sees his vision and where he goes, his team will follow. Here are few of his early projects from the archives.

This House Won’t Ever Move

One of the crucial phases of an elevation is something that most don’t ever see. It is the forming and pouring of the footing. We are fortunate to have the best foundation crew in nation. Each home must pass an in depth city inspection looking at rebar attachment and form boards built through and under the property. Once the inspection has passed, concrete is poured into the forms. It is just one piece of the large elevation puzzle that Arkitektura has perfected over the years.