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Arkitektura Development Inc. was established by Phillip Contreras shortly after the completion of his architecture internship in 1995. The company grew and developed with the concept of providing clients with a specialized and unique custom home design. Each venture is viewed as a special combination of a client’s dream and visions – creating luxurious yet livable home sites.

As an accomplished elevation company, our job is to blend these elements into a product that is both idyllic and functional for the people who will reside there. A home that makes a statement and fits harmoniously into their surrounding environment. Our firm has designed and elevated hundreds of homes throughout Texas in the past twenty years, ranging from hillside estates to Mediterranean inspired mansions to quaint cottages with a historic flair.

Our goals remain the same for each new assignment we undertake – to provide the same level of service to every individual – a quality product, on time and in budget. Recognizing that each client and site is unique, therefore requires each design and building solution to be a creative response to the project requirements.

The importance of site constraints are also factored and influenced into our overall construction process. We feel that candid communication and collaboration results in a better understanding of expectations, program, scope, budget and outcome.

We take inspiration from each homeowner’s unique style, partnering with them to provide a special and creative product which will both connect their heart and life to their home.


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